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Piano and harpsichord player, teacher, lecturer and producer of cultural events.

She started piano lessons  in Lins (Brazilian city in the State of São Paulo) at the Conservatório Municipal , with Maria de Lourdes Morotti and graduated at the “Conservatório Musical de Ribeirão Preto” (presently “Faculdade de Música da UNAERP”).

She also had classes with pianist. Antonio Munhoz, in the city of São Carlos, during a period which Regina considers the major musical experience of her adolescence.

She studied music in the city of São Paulo at “Pró-Arte Seminários de Música” with Roberto Schnorrenberg and Damiano Cozzella.

Her teachers  of piano were José Kliass, Henri Jolles, Isabel Mourão, Gilberto Tinetti and the  of harpsicord ones were Helena Jank, Gertrude Mersiovsky, Roberto de Regina. She had the opportunity of a series of private lessons with pianist Jacques Klein.

A grant from “Casa do Brasil” in England allowed her to study with the piano and harpsicord player Stanislav Heller.

She received a scholarship from “Fondation Les Treilles” to study with harpsichord player Hughette Dreyfus in France (in Sylvanès and Viilecroze).

She has a Master’s degree in music from ECA/USP (“Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo”), the title of her dissertation being “Arrival of the Piano in Rio de Janeiro”.

She took other courses related to music, such as “Pedagogy for Teaching Music”, “Musical Therapy”, “Group Dynamics”.

In addition to her professional work (see “2 – Various Professional Activities”) she played in many benefit recitals in churches, schools, nursing homes,  hospitals.


About LP “Brasil, Álbum de Sons e Formas”
“Her interpretation is always natural. An interpreter who shows refined sensibility and good taste.”
Roberto Trench, “O Dia” (newspaper)

“Her long public contact with this repertoire is responsible for the simple and clear manner in which she presents it. (….) In this record, she is specially successful when interpreting Gallet’s composition and the passionate “Ponteio nbr. 49″ by Camargo Guarneri.”
Lauro Machado Coelho, “O Estado de São Paulo” (Daily Newsoaper)

About CD “Um Cravo Bem Variado 1″ (A quite varied Harpsichord 1)
“As stressed by the title of her CD, “Um cravo bem variado”, ( A quite varied harpschord) the artist obtains sounds of excellent quality, playing the music of the composers chosen, with rare sensibility.
“VivaMúsica” (Specialized Magazine)

About CD “Um Cravo Bem Variado II” ((A quite varied Harpsichord II)
“Regina Schlochauer is one of the most respected harpsichord players in Brazil, and this new CD shows clearly why. (….) From one side, there are pieces of Lully and Rameau, on the other Galuppi and, synthesizing these two categories, the “Concerto Italiano” and the “Ouverture Française” by J. S. Bach, in illuminated interpretations, always dedicated to the concept of claritas.”
“Revista Bravo” (Specialized Magazine)

“Regina belongs to that special category of musicians, who really love music and don’t follow a routine, conventional career, as many do. Her work always comes after musical research, which is reflected in the excellent quality and effectiveness of her interpretations, in a climate of authenticity, of seriousness which is present in her concerts.”
Gilberto Mendes, composer – “A Tribuna” (Daily Newspaper in Santos, S.P.)

About the projejct “300 Anos de 3 Mestres (300 Years of 3 Masters)
“The success of last year’s concerts (“300 Years of 3 Masters”) showed the affinity beween this type of project and the cultural policy of our company. For this year we could have opted for editing an important book of art to be distributed to our clients. We preferred however to give our sponsorship to this series of concerts (“Música no Páteo) because we perceived that, doing so, we would attract a much bigger audience.”
Roberto Müller, at that time president of BBC-Brown Bovery, sponsor of both these projects.

About the harpsichord recital *De Vários Tempos” on November 14, 2010, at “Centro Cultural São Paulo”
Dear friend and companion, in the struggle for concert space for Brazilian music, I am much gratified to  have one of my compositions presented with such care, good taste and competence. My congratulations, hoping that such opportunities may be repeated frequently. With affection of Villani.”
Edmundo Villani-Côrtes, composer

“Regina Schlochauer has the gift of communication. Her recital and comments flow like a river, delightful and illuminating, deliciously serene. She possesses that rare quality of being wise, eloquent without ever losing spontaneity. The special participation of other artists resulted in an even more (if possible) humane and inviting event: the stage receives and offers …. and the public does not forget!”
Fabio Luz, pianist

About the CD “De Tudo um Pouco” (A Little Bit of Everything)
“The title “A little bit of everything” is the description of the CD by the piano artist – also harpsichord player, teacher and researcher – Regina Schlochauer. To achieve this with such good quality is all but little: she puts together piano compositions of Copland, Chopin and Schubert and at least a century of Brazilian music from Nazareth and Oswald and contemporary music from Villani and Rodrigo Vitta. Regina plays with a vision of everything, which is why she manages to analyze details of such different sonorities. There is nothing closed in this vision: on the contrary, her touch shows a rare (and healthy) lack of conformity. And only those who perceives life’s dilemmas with judgement and sensibility make sounds so appropriately.”
Sidney Molina, Professor, Ph.D in Communications and Semioptics, guitar player

Sobre o seu trabalho com o Maestro Rodrigo Vitta (About her work with Maestro Rodrigo Vitta)
For me, Regina Schlochauer is a piano player who shows much musical inspiration, excellent technique and who uses soul for her beautiful presentations. I always had and still have an enormous pleasure in working with her. Our first meeting dates from 2002, when she recorded three of my piano solo compositions, which are part of my first book, with the title “Brazilian Fruits”
In 2004 I had the pleasure of conducting a concert at Theatro São Pedro (SP) in which she played J.S. Bach d minor concerto , a performance I shall never forget, full of details and inspiration.
In 2007 she played the first rendition of my “Piano Concerto” in Montevidey (Uruguay), with great competence and excelent musical quality.
Schlochauer helps in promoting my piano solo compositions, since she believes in them and interprets them with her great talent. My piano compositions were performed by her in the cities of São Paulo, Santos and in 2010 in Lisbon (Portugal). I am very grateful for what she has done and continues doing for my music.
Maestro Rodrigo Vitta – Master in Communications and Semiotics, Composer, Teacher and conductor.